Beer Insider deemed influential

Congratulations for reading Beer Insider because you have apparently made a decent decision. The site has recently been listed in the ‘Top 10 UK Beer Blogs’.

Top 10 UK Beer Blogs

Based on an algorithm created by Vuelio (here’s some background) Beer Insider has again found itself in this list among a mix of blogs created by some of the most interesting contributors to the beer world’s narrative.

The posts have typically appeared on an intermittent basis and things will continue in this same vein because content will only appear when there is a real reason to publish something. The one regular slot is a monthly column written by esteemed beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones.

We hope you continue to enjoy reading the bits and pieces that will appear in this space in the future. But for now I’d like to thank-you for reading our missives so far and for Vuelio for producing its Top 10 ranking.

Glynn Davis, editor, Beer Insider