Retail Insider Awards Evening with Matching Beers

Beer Insider emerged following the success of sister site Retail Insider and the latter has held its first Awards evening, which involved beers matched to the individual awards, which was handled by The Bottle Shop.

The first ‘Retail Insider Transforming Retail Awards’ was held at Sourced Market in Marylebone, central London, and the first award ‘Most Promising Newcomer of the Year’ was matched with Burnt Mill from Stack Yard brewery.

Pete Brissenden of The Bottle Shop says: “This is a new brewery that I’m really excited about. The beer I selected was a 3.8% pale ale, with wheat and lots of tropical hops.”

Next up was the ‘Best Multi-channel Experience of the Year’ and the beer to go with this award was Don’t Get Hit by Lightning from Berlin-based gypsy brewery Fuerst Wiacek, with Pete highlighting: “This is another new brewery using a new innovation – Cryo Hops. They are soft, juicy and really low in bitterness. Also, on a multi-channel basis their artwork, online presence and dialogue are some of the best.”

The ‘Delivery Innovation of the Year’ award was matched to Yorkshire Square Saison from Wiper and True that delivered a full yeasty hit.

Finally Pete matched Burning Sky’s Saison a la Provision with the ‘Overall Technology Innovation of the Year’ as he felt the brewery was being pretty clever with its use of foeders and a koelschip. This is genuinely a new approach that is having a “really remarkable effect”.

For the record the award winners were:

‘Most Promising Newcomer of the Year’ – Mention Me

‘Best In-store Experience of the Year’ – Tossed Restaurants

‘Best Multi-channel Experience of the Year’ – Starbucks with Mobile Order & Pay

‘Delivery Innovation of the Year’ – Deliveroo Editions

‘Most Intelligent Use of Data’ – Shop Direct’s Very Assistant

‘Overall Technology Innovation of the Year’ – Tossed Restaurants

Retail Insider would like to thank Pete Brissenden and The Bottle Shop for their involvement with this event.

Photo credits to: Beershots

Glynn Davis, editor of Beer Insider